[syslinux] what happens to text after the label?

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Mar 11 07:50:22 PST 2003


David Nedved <dnedved at nuvox.net> schrieb am 10.03.03 21:49:10:
> Interesting that I couldn't find this documented anywhere, but
> what happens to text that is typed after the label on the syslinux
> prompt?

It is appended to the end of the kernel command line.

> My current issue is I'm using PXE to do kickstart installations.  I
> want the ability to do "rescue" boots also with PXE.  I've gone
> looking at the current RH80 disk 1 which has this capability.  It
> has a directory called "/isolinux" which is where the El Torito info
> lives, right?
> In that directory, here is part of the isolinux.cfg file:
> label linux
>   kernel vmlinuz
>   append initrd=initrd.img lang= devfs=nomount ramdisk_size=9216
> When you type "linux rescue" at the isolinux prompt, it does a rescue
> load.  If I simply add the word "rescue" at the end of the "append" line,
> and type "linux" by itself, it doesn't do rescue mode, it does a normal
> boot.  Anyone know what I'm missing?

These two should do exactly the same. The only exception I can 
think of is the 'auto' parameter that will get appended to the command
line if nothing is entered at the syslinux prompt, and the default entry
is chosen. But you didn't let that happen, did you?

Did you check what the kernel reports as its command line? You can either
watch it while the kernel is booting, or read it from /proc/cmdline.

There were some funnies with the command line being built with \0 characters
in it in some versions, so which version of isolinux do you use? Did you try other



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