[syslinux] Disk images and syslinux

Karri Puumanen karri.puumanen at mainframe.fi
Sun Mar 16 03:51:48 PST 2003

I'm working on a Red Hat 7.3 based bootable cd. I have included a number of firmware update floppy images to it succesfully. However, I run into problems trying to build a floppy image for IBM ServerRAID firmware update. The firmware update disk set contains three disks. So their content does not fit into 1.44 nor 2.88 floppy images.
To my understanding it possible to build a hard disk image let's say 5 MB and use it with syslinux. However, I'm not sure about the details of how to do this. All help is highly appreciated.
I'm using the latest version of syslinux, which by the way is an excellent piece of software. Many thanks to Peter for it.

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