[syslinux] isolinux + cloop

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Mar 19 05:41:37 PST 2003


Matt <sqlboy at playway.net> schrieb am 14.03.03 23:13:09:
> Hi.  I am trying to build a bootable linux CD using isolinux and a cloop
> image.  I am a bit lost right now.
> What I have done is built a custom distro on a seperate partition on my
> hard drive.  I can boot to it with Grub no problem.  I've added the
> ioslinux directory with isolinux.bin, isolinux.cfg, a kernel (with
> initrd, loopback, iso support), and an initrd file.
> My next mission is to some how make it a bootable CD distro with certain
> directories mounted on a tempfs so some files can be writable.  It would
> also be nice to try and auto detect the network card.  I've been doing
> research for the last couple days and I'm pretty much stuck.  Any help
> at all would be greatly appreciated.

Have a look at the knoppix distribution. It is a debian-based CD distribution,
that uses isolinux & cloop for booting, autodetects various hardware and 
can even drive OpenOffice from that CD. 



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