[syslinux] Pxelinux - so close!

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Mar 24 11:45:40 PST 2003

Paul English wrote:
> I'm trying to get pxelinux working with dhcp and tftp for a network 
> install of some systems. They are using Intel gigabit ethernet which is 
> built into the motherboards. 
> It is pretty clear that I have dhcp working, and I may have tftp working 
> also. I get as far as:
> Trying to load pxelinux/0A000A02
> .
> iG2&iw6
> The "i" characters actually have two dots on top instead of one, and there 
> is a diamond and another character at the end that I don't know how to 
> represent in email. 
> Anyone have any ideas?

Your PXE stack crashed when making UDP calls into it.  Complain to your
motherboard vendor.


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