[syslinux] PXELinux cannot load the config file

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Wed Oct 29 09:57:08 PST 2003


"Lunde, Steven M" <steven.m.lunde at boeing.com> schrieb am 29.10.03 18:38:16:
> I have DHCP and TFTP on a Solaris machine, pxelinux.0 loads, but it
> can't load the configuration file.  The tftp server on Solaris tries to
> send the file, but data transfers do not receive ACKs.  Previous posts
> to this list have indicated that the suspect was the PXE BIOS (ref
> "PXELinux can't load the config file?" dated March 20, 2003).  Does that
> still appear to be the case given the configurations I have tried (see
> below).
> System: Dell Precision Workstation 620
> NIC:    On-board 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller
> (3C905C-TX Compatible)
> Fails: Syslinux 2.02 with Dell Bios A07 (MBA 4.03 - PXE V2.02),
> tftp-hpa-0.33 on Solaris
> Fails: Syslinux 2.06 with Dell Bios A11 (MBA 4.31 - PXE V2.41),
> tftp-hpa-0.33 on Solaris
> The abbreviated form of ethernet packets follows to provide the big
> picture.  Suspect frames are 29 and 30, detailed packets for these
> frames are provided below this output.  Is there any significance with
> the fact that the first tftp request is directed from the client->server
> (Frame 7) while the one that fails is client->broadcast (Frame 29)?

>  26   7.01834         vail -> alph.ds.boeing.com TFTP Ack  block 7
>  27   7.01855 alph.ds.boeing.com -> vail         TFTP Data block 8 (632
> bytes)
>  28   7.01905         vail -> alph.ds.boeing.com TFTP Ack  block 8

This is the last packet of the pxelinux code itself. So pxelinux starts now.

>  29   7.03308         vail -> OLD-BROADCAST TFTP Read
> "pxelinux.cfg/8634DB61" (octet)

Seems pxelinux didn't get or find your server's address. Maybe it didn't get it at all, maybe it
used the wrong DHCP option. It shouldn't have used the broadcast address.

> ETHER:  ----- Ether Header -----
> ETHER:  
> ETHER:  Packet 29 arrived at 7:10:31.26
> ETHER:  Packet size = 80 bytes
> ETHER:  Destination = ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff, (broadcast)

Jep, this shouldn't have happened. It should have been a unicast to the DHCP server.

You a) did't qoute what pxelinux reported on the screen, and b) didn't quote your
DHCP server config. So I'm just guessing that you used the wrong DHCP option to
give the server address to the client. Try the BOOTP options instead of the DHCP
options, or vice versa. Depends on the DHCP server you're using, though.


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