[syslinux] TFTP & Network after booting kernel

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Thu Oct 30 04:01:58 PST 2003


"Alex Ninaber" <alex.ninaber at clustervision.com> schrieb am 30.10.03 12:50:26:
> We are trying to make our own NFSroot via PXELINUX without the e1000
> ethernet module compiled into the kernel. All works fine, we have a ramdisk
> that can setup networking from information provided by $ip, however I would
> like to download the specific e1000.o via tftp before inserting it into to
> the kernel. 

You can't do this. After the linux kernel is loaded you have no access to the PXE
code on the ethernet card, so you need to have some driver either in the kernel,
or in a module in the initrd.

> Since ramdisks are static I rather not have the situation where
> we have to recreate the ramdisk everytime we install a new kernel. 

A ramdisk isn't static at all, gunzip it and loopback mount it, then you can exchange
any file you like. As you are already changing the kernel you should also exchange
the kernel modules in the initrd.

> If using tftp without having the Ethernet module inserted in the kernel,
> what possible other options do I have?

Either you need it compiled in the kernel, or need it in the initrd. You need some
usable network connection either in the kernel or in the initrd, and it seems that
you only have the e1000 network connection. It would be possible to get this via
some second connection, but that's usually not an option since I think you'd have
done this if it was available.


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