[syslinux] Comboot menu crashes when it goes off screen

ganapathy murali krishnan gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Fri Apr 2 10:19:45 PST 2004

Let me get this right....

You have menu's whose entries are not long (say < 30 chars) and lets say 
each has about 10 entries. So if you choose the 9th entry in the main 
menu, and the 9th entry in the submenu, then in the sub-submenu you dont 
have enough vertical space to display the entire menu. Right?

There are two solutions to this. One on your side and one on mine. One 
possibility is you can change the text mode, to allow for more rows on 
the screen. I personally dont like this solution but may be a good 
temporary workaround. The second solution, is for me to allow you to 
decide where each submenu is positioned on the screen. This is a much 
cleaner solution, and should be easy to implement. I should be able to 
do it by next week.

- Murali

Aaron McSorley wrote:

>This menu system is great Murali and Peter, Thanks!
>I have some problems though. It crashes when I have a menu full of
>entries that are longer than the screen, is there a way to make the
>menu scroll when there are alot of entries. Actually it crashes
>anytime a menu goes off screen, like with 5 submenus it falls off
>the right of the screen and crashes. In that case is there a way
>to make it bounce back the other way when it hits the edge of the
>Thanks for any help,
> Aaron
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