[syslinux] pxe linux

Baurzhan Ismagulov baurzhan.ismagulov at sbs.com.tr
Tue Apr 20 06:46:33 PDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 03:52:13PM +0400, Manu Abraham wrote:
> 	I tried adding root=/dev/ram0 as well as the keep pxe option. 
> Still i don't see any changes.

Hmm, this works for me; I use "append initrd=rootfs.ext2.gz
ramdisk_size=65536 root=/dev/ram0". The panic message suggests that the
kernel doesn't get the information on what device to use as root
filesystem. What does the kernel say in the line starting with "Kernel
command line:"?

> ---->Apr 20 12:56:32 zeus in.tftpd[4486]: tftp: client does not accept options
> does this mean that whatever options i have as append in the default config, 
> those parameters are not passed to the kernel ?

No. This probably means that the TFTP client of your BIOS does not
support TFTP options used by the server. I also receive such messages,
and everything works fine.

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