[syslinux] 3Com PXE server

Jason Dravet dravet at calumet.purdue.edu
Tue Apr 20 08:45:22 PDT 2004

Thank you for your suggestion.  I have looked at this software in the past
and the cost is too high.  Since syslinux worked with the 3Com PXE server in
past, was broken in 1.70, fixed in 1.71 and broken again in 1.73 the
problem, in my opinion, is with syslinux and not the 3Com PXE server.


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3Com Boot Services has been replaced by Argon's Client Management Services
(CMS).  I have used CMS with PXELinux v2.07 and it works fine.   You can
download a 15-day trial version and see if it resolves your problem.
Visit http://www.argontechnology.com/cms  for more information.

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