[syslinux] 3Com PXE server

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tue Apr 20 10:33:36 PDT 2004

Jason Dravet wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestion.  I have looked at this software in the past
> and the cost is too high.  Since syslinux worked with the 3Com PXE server in
> past, was broken in 1.70, fixed in 1.71 and broken again in 1.73 the
> problem, in my opinion, is with syslinux and not the 3Com PXE server.

Your opinion isn't what counts, what counts is which side doesn't obey 
the protocol (and it could be either.)  Unfortunately I have very little 
inclination to set up and try to debug a discontinued product and try to 
figure out what happens on the wire.


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