[syslinux] 3Com PXE server

Jason Dravet dravet at calumet.purdue.edu
Tue Apr 20 10:52:08 PDT 2004

I understand my opinion does not count.  I am only pointing out the
possibility of a bug existing.  That point is reasonable because as I said
earlier it worked, was broken, fixed, and then broken again.  If you don't
have the inclination to look at it, that is fine.  

If would please tell me or point me to some documentation on how to compile
your software on a windows platform then I will try to do some debugging on
my own.  Since I know what versions work and which don't I can compare the
source code and see what changed from version to version.  I think I might
be able to use kdiff3 at http://kdiff3.sourceforge.net/ to assist me.

Thank you.


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Jason Dravet wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestion.  I have looked at this software in the past
> and the cost is too high.  Since syslinux worked with the 3Com PXE server
> past, was broken in 1.70, fixed in 1.71 and broken again in 1.73 the
> problem, in my opinion, is with syslinux and not the 3Com PXE server.

Your opinion isn't what counts, what counts is which side doesn't obey 
the protocol (and it could be either.)  Unfortunately I have very little 
inclination to set up and try to debug a discontinued product and try to 
figure out what happens on the wire.


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