[syslinux] Problem with FreeDOS ke2034_32 + PXELINUX + memdisk

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Apr 24 11:36:41 PDT 2004

I am using FreeDOS kernel 2.0.34 with FAT32 support (ke2034_32),
together with PXELINUX and memdisk from SYSLINUX 2.0.9-pre15.

I am experiencing this problem on multiple test systems (Dell
Precision 450 and IBM T22 so far).

My pxelinux.cfg/default has these lines:

  label test
          kernel memdisk
          append initrd=test.img keeppxe

...which let me boot my 1.44M "test.img" floppy image with FreeDOS.

My problem is that config.sys is not being read at all.  I am certain
it is not being read because:

  1) I receive no "press F5/F8" prompt

  2) I see no messages from the items in my config.sys (e.g.,

  3) When autoexec.bat attempts to start the network, it fails saying
     that the ifshlp.sys driver has not been loaded.

If I downgrade the FreeDOS kernel to 2.0.33 (ke2033_32), keeping
everything else identical, the problem vanishes; my config.sys is read

If I remove "keeppxe" from the PXELINUX configuration file, the
problem also vanishes.

I am open to suggestions for how to proceed.  Thanks!

 - Pat

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