[syslinux] [PATCH] Support WinImage compressed floppies

Patrick J. LoPresti patl at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Apr 24 12:41:41 PDT 2004

The following patch allows memdisk to support compressed floppy images
created by WinImage.

WinImage creates a PKZIP-style archive with a single member, the .img
(or .ima) file containing the floppy image.  WinImage names such
archives with a .imz extension.

This patch lifts the header/trailer checking code from gunzip() to a
new function, check_zip(), which both checks for a valid ZIP image and
returns the CRC, size, and offset of the actual compressed data.
check_zip() supports both gzip and PKZIP archives.

In addition, this patch adds some whitespace to init.S16 to prevent
GCC 3.3 from bombing out.

I have tested this patch thoroughly with different types of images on
several different machines and they all seem to work.  This is not too
surprising since I was careful not to alter the original code's
behavior except when presented with a file whose magic number
indicates a PKZIP archive.  (And even then, all it does is use a
different offset and checksum for the ZIP data.)

This patch applies cleanly against SYSLINUX 2.09-pre15.  I propose it
for inclusion in some future release.

 - Pat

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