[syslinux] Gcc 3.4.0 and syslinux-2.09 menu

TenThumbs tenthumbs at cybernex.net
Tue Apr 27 06:25:04 PDT 2004

The menu directory won't compile with gcc 3.4.0 because gcc complains 
that "ebp" cannot be used as a constraint. If preserving ebp is 
necessary then it will have to be done in the assembler code. Gcc 3.3.3 
just seems to ignore the constraint. It didn't do anything special to 
preserve the register.

I also noticed that getnumrows returns the contents of 0x484 which is
the number of rows minus one but menu.c has this
    ms->numcols = getnumcols();
    ms->numrows = getnumrows();
    ms->maxcol = ms->numcols - 1;
    ms->maxrow = ms->numrows - 1;
which makes maxrow = rows - 2. Is this intentional?

BTW, if you put this line
    __asm__ (".code16gcc\n\t");
in an include file and include that file at the top of the .c files then 
you can simplify the make file considerably.


    2004-04-27 13:23:45.258 UTC (JD 2453123.058163)
    X  =  -1.793726944, Y  =   1.473638721, Z  =   1.059643564
    X' =  -0.007481985, Y' =  -0.007967670, Z' =  -0.002227873

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