[syslinux] TFTP too slow (PXE boot)

Carlos Doria cdoria at samurai.com.br
Thu Jul 22 05:30:05 PDT 2004

We faced a similar problem in the past. We upgraded the pxelinux 
revision and it is ok now. The revision we are using is 2.06.


Tushar Gohad wrote:

> Hi,
> In process of setting up a diskless client booting using 
> PXEboot, we observed really low tftp download rate.
> (it would take around 15 mins to download a 1MB kernel 
>  image) The server has tftpd from tftp-hpa installed 
> and the tftp client we are using is the one that comes 
> with PXEboot .. I found the blocksize option (-B, 
> undocumented) could be used to set higher block sizes. 
> I also tried setting no_mtu_path_discovery option on
> the Linux server .. 
> Any ideas what could be done to speed up the tftp transfers?
> I am using Intel 82544 gigabit ethernet controllers on both
> the client and the server ... 
> Thanks. 
> - Tushar
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