[syslinux] chainload cdrom

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Sat Jun 5 15:37:29 PDT 2004


There's a COMBOOT module made out of Smart Boot Manager.
The SBM -> CBT diff has been done by Jeremy Davis for the FreeDOS project
(because we have a not so stable opensource DOS cdromdriver called ATAPICDD, also written by him, and this way we can let even 386 systems boot from cdrom, although the eltorito standard was introduced later, in 1995)


If anyone manages to extract the cdrom-booting part out of this Smart Boot Manager, be my guest.
I don't need a full boot manager, just the eltorito stack for onboard ATA

Smart Boot Manager seems to exist of multiple modules:
1) Installer (sbm.exe for example for win/dos, which writes payload to diskette)
2) Payload (sbm.bin)
2a) Menu
2b) SBM engine 
2c) hardware interfaces


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