[syslinux] SYSLINUX 2.10-pre6 is now release candidate

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jun 14 18:24:27 PDT 2004

TenThumbs wrote:
> 3) Not really a problem but the comment at the top of bios.c about generating
> x86-64 instructions isn't correct. Gcc doesn't know assembler. It's just dong
> text substitutions. To get the low 8-bit form of a register name it strips the
> leading "e" and the trailing "x" if any from a name and appends a "l". So,
> "edx" becomes "dl" but "edi" gets mangled into "dil".

It is completely correct.  There is no way to get an 8-bit register from DI in 
x86.  Thus the concept of trying an 8-bit register from DI in x86 (not x86-64) 
is gcc brokenness, and clearly gcc handles it internally.


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