[syslinux] mkisofs /proc/kcore error

elmar bschorer elmar at bschorer.de
Mon Jun 14 03:40:51 PDT 2004

hi there,

hope this is not too much out of topic here...
i give it a try anyway :-)

when i try to build the iso with:
mkisofs i get the following error:

Using TTYX2000.;1 for  ./dev/ttyX2 (ttyx2)
Using TTYS0000.;1 for  ./dev/ttys0 (ttyS0)
Using TTYY3000.;1 for  ./dev/ttyY3 (ttyy3)
Using FD0H360000.;1 for  ./dev/fd0H360 (fd0h360)
Using TTYX1000.;1 for  ./dev/ttyx1 (ttyX1)

Size of boot image is 4 sectors -> No emulation
2.36% done, estimate finish Mon Jun 14 12:31:16 2004
mkisofs: Operation not permitted. cannot open './proc/kcore'

does anyone have an idea??


elmar bschorer

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