[syslinux] memdisk: DOS as a PreOS

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Mon Jun 28 13:50:59 PDT 2004

Do you *really need* a PreOS-memdisk, or would a memdisk image which by default boots to harddisk also be OK?

1) boot local drive (default, after 10 seconds automatically selected)
2) boot DOS for pre-OS options.

then 2 would give access to a DOS on the memdisk.
too bad that even the Knoppix people don't understand the "localboot 0x80" command. "If you don't want to boot Knoppix, remove the cd and restart" :(

if you prefer a free OS for your memdisk, you might want to try FreeDOS instead of MS DOS or DR-DOS 8.00.


then DOS would do something like this:
@echo off
rem following line causes reboot, which causes pxelinux/memdisk to load,
rem and then after timeout boots into local harddisk.
echo Done doing our job..rebooting now.
echo Bye Bye, have fun!

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