[syslinux] mkdiskimage question (another one?)

Timo Benk t_benk at web.de
Tue Jun 29 21:58:18 PDT 2004


I am trying for quite some time to create a bootable hd disk
image with mkdiskimage (included in the syslinux distribution)
and the combination isolinux/memdisk. It just won't work:-}

I have done the following:

# ./mkdiskimage -d -o disk 256 32 1
# losetup -o 640 /dev/loop3 disk
# mount /dev/loop3 /mnt/3
# mount | grep loop3
/dev/loop3 on /mnt/3 type vfat (rw)

:: copy win98se boot disk files to /mnt/3 ::


My isolinux entry looks like the following:
KERNEL /isolinux/memdisk
APPEND initrd=images/disk

And that is the message i got from memdisk after booting.
"Loading boot sector... booting..."

And then it hangs forever:-(

Any ideas or howtos how i can make my disk bootable?


6832  C8EC        ------------------------------------        6FBF  9383
D823  4059    --== "reality is the illusion you live" ==--    7DBD  109E
   0CD1           ------------------------------------           98DC

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