[syslinux] mkdiskimage question (another one?)

Blaauw,Bernd B. B.Blaauw at student.fontys.nl
Wed Jun 30 07:18:05 PDT 2004

You might want to use Bochs emulator + a Win98 bootdisk.
Bochs can handle the harddisk image you create,
and transferring bootsector needs to be done in Bochs using the bootdisk image, and thus you're working with DOS:

copying the kernel files is not enough, as you experienced.
Unfortunately not even FreeDOS has a Linux installer, so that's no use.
DOSEMU might also be usable instead of Bochs.

I can't say if the isolinux.cfg is OK, I'd need your directory structure for that.
root\isolinux (isolinux.bin, isolinux.cfg, memdisk)

and some directory called "images" somewhere, with a file called 'disk'


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