[syslinux] Testing Syslinux on Mazza PT-5VMD

Riccardo Zonca riccardo.zonca at promo.it
Mon May 3 09:41:37 PDT 2004

Hi All,
I was testing syslinux floppy on a Mazza MotherBoard, his chipset is VIA 
MVP3 (VT82C598MVP, VT82C586B), and Winbond W83877F/TF.
After reading the floppy, I see 'boot failed', I have to ide disk in the 
system, only flash device.
I used the -s option to build the floppy.
Does Somebody know if the chipset is supported? I tested the floppy on 
toshiba laptop and it works very fine.

Thanks in advanced.


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