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Etherboot and PXE are 2 different methods of network booting.  By default,
you cannot use an Etherboot boot ROM/floppy to network boot a PXE image and
visa versa.   You must obtain a PXE boot agent or floppy to boot a PXELinux

To find out more about PXE, visit http://www.pxe.ca

Conrad Lawes

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I'm not sure if this belongs here or on an etherboot list. I've given up
on trying to get a single floppy syslinux with enough stuff to remote
mount a file system. I'm trying an etherboot floppy.

When I boot the system finds the dhcp server and gets the right file
name but then it gives me the message "not a valid image." A quick
search of the net didn't help much. Any clues to hand out?

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