[syslinux] Upgrading PXE initrd.img with new kernel and drivers

Michael Blandford mlblandf at sedona.ch.intel.com
Fri Nov 19 15:49:30 PST 2004

Steven Hajducko wrote:

>Quite simply, HOW? :)
>I have the pxeboot initrd.img from the RH 3.0 AS CD's.  We need to put a new
>cciss.o driver from HP into this initrd.img.  Unforunately, the modules in
>the pxeboot initrd.img we have are 2.4.21-4 and our new driver is compiled
>for 2.4.21-15, so we have to upgrade everything.
>I downloaded the kernel-BOOT-2.4.21-15 RPM and installed that, so I have all
>those drivers.  My question is:  Can I use the 2.4.21-4 initrd.img and just
>replace the entire modules.cgz with all the modules from the BOOT rpm and
>our new cciss.o in there?  I'm not sure what exactly the difference is
>between the PXE version of initrd.img and regular boot initrd.img, but a
>simple "find ./ -type f" shows that the PXE one has a lot more files and I'm
>not too sure whether those are kernel dependant or not and if so, where do I
>get them from?  Also, I believe I have to update stage2.img in the base
>directory that will be downloaded, but I don't know for sure and if someone
>could confirm that, I would appreciate it.

This is really the wrong list.  You should try the kickstart mailing list at


They tackle this subject on a regular basis.


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