[syslinux] Passing one more file after initrd to the kernel...

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Oct 27 20:35:54 PDT 2004

Paolo Salvan wrote:
> Hi!
> Some question about the first possibility you suggested (the second is
> too far away...):
> - initramfs is only on 2.6 kernel, or is on 2.4 also?


> - initrd are usually gzipped...right? But these cpio files are also
> gzipped? Are they all gzipped together, or only one at a time?

It works both ways.

> In the second case, should it be possible for the bootloader to append
> on-the-fly to the main initramfs file an extra file, creating on-the-fly
> the cpio header? Would this be the simplest way to get a second external
> boot file usable from the linux environment, in your opinion?

It would, and yes, it's probably the easiest option.


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