[syslinux] Fw: You could tell your best fr,`ie-nd o-n^line on this

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Sat Sep 25 14:40:18 PDT 2004

did n.^ot permit him any other equipage.

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Subject: You could tell your best fr-,ie'nd o,n^line on this

Lo~~we^'st' prices on brand name and generic
Allegra,Sonata,Celexa,s_om`a,Xen~.ocal,Tenuate etc.

o,n'line shopping is popular amony the youth,while in most prople's
view,the m,ed~-ica.tions can't be sold o'n^line.In fact,the m_ed``ica'tions
could be got o-n`line easily ,safely and sa.vi,ngly also.About $_`15-25
saved for one bottle of medicine,to me it means a lot one year.--Mannie CA
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