[syslinux] Trouble with Syslinux 3.07 and USB-key

Paolo Salvan paolo.salvan at xvision.it
Mon Jan 17 13:34:51 PST 2005


I've a usb-key that boot regularly on a PC using syslinux 2.09; well,
this PC (a thin-client) at the moment is the only PC that can boot from
USB in my office... and it usually booted oretty well, without any hacks...

After changed to syslinux 3.07, it stopped booting, showing a simple
"BOOT ERROR" message, nothing more...

Reverting to syslinux 2.09, it restarted to work...

Formatting the key, syslinux-ing it with 3.07 (with clean key, this 
time) and recopying the software, it restarted to work, but boot time is 
about 10 time slower than 2.09.... minutes to load kernel and initrd 
instead of seconds...

Note: I'm using win32/syslinux.exe


Paolo Salvan
X v i s i o n
Via Vigonovese 123A
35127 - Padova - Italy
+39 049 8709427 tel
+39 049 8709426 fax

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