[syslinux] Disk error 80 and 5A

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Jul 11 17:08:17 PDT 2005

Andrew Gaffney wrote:
> I've got a CD built with Gentoo's catalyst that uses isolinux 2.13. On the
> Athlon box (2003 BIOS), I get Disk error 80 with 2 different CD-RW, a CD-R, and
> 3 different builds of this CD. On my P2 box (2001 BIOS), it hangs for a while at
> "Loading", then I get "Loading gentoo...." for about 10 minutes, and then I get
> Disk error 5A. This same ISO boots just fine on another box I've got and other
> people's boxes that have tried it. Another CD built with catalyst that uses
> isolinux 2.13 boots on the Athlon box just fine. Knoppix 3.9 also boots fine on
> the same CD-ROM with the same CD-RW, so it's not an issue of the size of the CD
> (most recent build is 695M), CD-ROM, or media. Does anyone have any idea what
> might be the cause of this?

BIOS bug, and/or location on the disk.

Either way, try syslinux-3.09 first.


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