[syslinux] Different tftp directories

Juergen Fechter J.Fechter at science-computing.de
Thu Jun 30 07:19:16 PDT 2005

We use pxelinux and tfp-ha for windows installation together with winpe 2005 under linux.
It works and we are happy.

But we have one problem because we want to add one more image for xp pro x64 too.
Since there is already a ntdetect.com, NTLDR and winnt.sif in the /tftpboot root directory we can't
add the 64 bit ones.

It's no problem to use different startrom.0 files since I can specify the kernel path.
But I don't see an option to use another tftp-path for uploading.

Is there a solution or workaround.


BTW: We are using  pxelinux 2.10 and tftp-ha 0.36

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