[syslinux] syslinux: localboot error

Quinn plattel at tiscali.dk
Fri May 6 15:41:35 PDT 2005


If you read the syslinux documentation, syslinux/extlinux does not 
support the localboot command - only PXELINUX/ISOLINUX.


lanas wrote:

>Hello all,
>  I'm booting a USB stick (DOS formatted, one 1GB partition) and I'd
>like to offer the choice of either continue booting from the USB stick,
>or booting from the installed hard disk (Linux ext3).  I've asked this
>question here previously and Quinn replied saying I should use the
>'localboot -1' option which would pass boot to the next device.  And so
>I did.  The BIOS will boot off USB-HDD first, then from first hard disk.
>  Needless to say, both the USB and the hard disk are booting fine on
>their own. But the localboot option simply does not work.  And here are
>the error messages I get:
>  "Unknown keyword in syslinux.cfg"
>  "Could not find kernel image: 2"
> from such a syslinux.cfg file:
>default 2
>timeout 30
>prompt 1
>label 1
>  kernel vmlinuz
>  append initrd=initrd.gz ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/ram0 ide=nodma
>label 2
>  What am I doing wrong ?  
>  I then tried with extlinux (USB stick formatted ext2) thinking that
>perhaps it would ease the transition to booting the ext3 hard disk but I
>get the same error messages from a slightly modified extlinux.conf file
>that sets the default boot to 1 when I enter at the prompt '2'.
>  What gives ?  Is it possible at all to transfer the boot sequence from
>syslinux/extlinux to the machine's hard disk ?
>  All replies will be greatly appreciated.
>  By the way, using psf fonts is kind of fun, is there a repository
>somewhere that has a lot of choice, or is there some conversion utility
>that works with X fonts ?
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