[syslinux] Memdisk problem when no hard drives are in system

Quinn plattel at tiscali.dk
Wed May 11 13:22:06 PDT 2005

Hello Mike,

Try booting the image alone first via QEMU or VMWARE before booting on a 
real machine.  You
could also try with different DOS versions - FreeDOS, DR DOS, MS DOS, PC 
DOS, etc.


Mike Nolterieke wrote:

>  I am having a problem where an 8MB DOS PXE image that I use with memdisk
>to update the firmware of my systems does not boot when there are no (or
>failed) hard drives in the system.  This process normally works fine but I
>get this error message "=Nf000f859 Failure, assuming this is the only
>drive" followed by "Non-System disk or disk-error" when the hard drives are
>missing or have failed.
>Any ideas on what is going on?
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