[syslinux] can pxe localboot report failure to bios

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Thu May 19 11:11:41 PDT 2005

Carl Karsten wrote:
> Can you expand on "The argument 0 means perform a normal boot." - I am 
> not sure what a normal boot is.  My first guess is reboot the box, and 
> end up back in pxe boot.

Okay... ALL the pxelinux "localboot" arguments mean continue to the next 
boot device -- assuming the BIOS/PXE supports it (which a lot of them 
don't.)  "localboot 0" is the normal mode; "localboot 4" and "localboot 
5" are special-purpose boots.

It was a mistake on my part to use the "localboot" option in any other 
way for ISOLINUX.

> I am being extra careful on this one because it is slated to be setup on 
> Ubuntu Linux next release, so not only does it need to work on my few 
> boxes, but also the few 100 others that go this route, including the 1 
> or 2 that do something nutty, like install on a USB drive.  (granted the 
> 1 or 2 nutty ones are apt to be able to tune the config to make it work, 
> but it would be nice if it "just worked (tm)." ;)


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