[syslinux] tftp pxe and dos

Bernd Blaauw bblaauw at home.nl
Fri Oct 7 05:18:38 PDT 2005

Adam Berns schreef:

>label winstall
>    kernel unattended/memdisk
>    append initrd=unattended/winstall.imz
>That all works great, However, for each image, I have to have a separate imz
>file.  Is it possible to do something like: 
>label winstall
>    kernel unattended/memdisk
>    append initrd=unattended/winstall.imz /dell/2850/base.gho
>And then retrieve the /dell/2850/base.gho at a later time as a DOS
>environmental variable.
PXELinux, then Memdisk, then the bootdisk image, preferably 2.88MB :)
Bootdisk image should contain the DOS operating system kernel files, and 
the MS Client for NT Networks.
(to gain access to SMB).
If the imagefile fits into RAM on a ramdisk, Wget might also be usable 
to obtain the imagefile, if you have a FTP or HTTP server.
a 16bit TFTP client seems to be located at 

As for retrieving arguments in DOS, in Syslinux there's a program 
mdiskchk (requires Memdisk was used)
Alternatively, use 

Where you store the Ghost executable itself, is your decision.
I don't know how good Ghost is, or other comparable programs. Only used 
DriveImage before Symantec bought it and converted it into Ghost9/10


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