[syslinux] tftp-hpa execution

Pierre Neyron pierre.neyron at imag.fr
Tue Oct 11 11:40:31 PDT 2005

H. Peter Anvin wrote:

> Okay, I have come to agree that tftp-hpa needs some kind of execution 
> support.  The two alternatives which have been proposed in the past is 
> a flag in the regex map to run a program and deliver its output, and 
> the other one is a flag in the regex map to serve as an HTTP proxy 
> (get a file via HTTP and deliver via TFTP.)
> At the moment, I'm thinking the HTTP proxy might be the best solution; 
> for one thing, it's more compatible with running in a chroot.  
> However, I would really like to hear people's opinions.
>     -hpa

We have a patch we use to bind your tftp server to a postgresql database
via http (php interface). Some fixes were done since the time we already
submitted it to you.
FYI, we succesfully use a chrooted busybox environement to execute the
code (ash script), w/ support for www (busybox wget).
ComputeMode (www.computemode.org) opensource software makes use of it,
feel free to try it.

The patch may be downloaded here (patch to the debian package, version
0.40, package renamed to ease deb upgrade) :
(get the diff.gz file, or if you would like something cleaner, please
ask us...)

Thanks for your great work on tftp-hpa and pxelinux !



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