[syslinux] compiling pxelinux in elf

Josef Siemes jsiemes at web.de
Tue Oct 25 03:23:36 PDT 2005


"Chittaranjan Mandal" <Chittaranjan.Mandal at iitkgp.ac.in> schrieb am 25.10.05 11:53:59: 
> [Reply to message from "Josef Siemes" on Monday 24 Oct 2005 5:40 pm]

> > Seems you are trying to boot the 'Networkstation 2200' thin client. What
> > type of client is this exactly? There
> > should be some IBM type number with the serial number - what does this say?
> > AFAIR it's 8362-XX for the
> > 2200, 8363-XX for the 2300 thin clients.
> I just checked 8363 on one client. We might have a mix though.
> The 8363 boots with the kernel.2200.

No, seems the 2200 is 8363-XX, the 2300 is 8364-XX - I mixed up the numbers.
> > These have two bioses: One uses a special bios which directly does DHCP and
> > tftp (or even NFS) to load a linux kernel. And no, it does not use PXE. This shows
> > also some graphics of the box and (if found) a server in the boot process.
> Yes, this is the bios the 8363 is running and behaving as you have described
> above.
> > The other one is a PC-like bios which can boot with pxelinux much like any other
> > recent PC. You can switch these if you choose something like 'OS/2 Bios'
> > in the bios.
> It would be nice to have this bios. Are these two bioses present in the same box
> with the option to choose one or the other, or do they come with different models
> or options? Is there a way in which I could switch to the PC-like bios, possibly
> by re-writting the FLASH?

There is some configuration option in the bios - I just don't recall the exact wording.
I think it was something like 'Workspace on demand Bios'. Activate this, and your
2200 comes up completely different - just PC-like. In the PC-Like Bios you can switch 
back to the networkstation bios - but usually you don't want this.

So both bioses are built into the 2200.



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