[syslinux] Creating Bootable Images to use in PXEBoot

Rajeev Mishra rxm at fluent.com
Thu Oct 27 13:02:14 PDT 2005

Hello All,

Often we need to run diagnostics on machines or to update the BIOS. Most 
of the vendors provides BIOS and diagnostics programs in "self creating 
floppy disk" (Say in 4 floppy disk) format, some provides in ISO format 
to burn it in CD.

My questions is how do I make bootable images of these 4 floppies or CD 
and put it in our PXE server. Once it is in PXE server then it will be 
really easy to run the diags or update the BIOS on machines without 
looking for Floppies / CDs.

Thanks for your time.

- Rajeev

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