[syslinux] Problem with PXElinux - need good help

justStormY juststormy at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 22 04:10:08 PDT 2006


Normally i doesn't choose this way to solve problems, but i need a fast 
and good help because it's really important to me.
I would like to boot a LIVE CD, called SLAX (depending on SLACKWARE) 
over PXElinux.

So i've got a server with dhcp,tftp and pxelinux. In the tftp folder are 
the  SLAX files. Now i would like to boot from a client this LIVE CD. 
Because this is a LIVE CD i can't tell pxelinux.cfg that it should boot 
the kernel and append initrd or? All works fine but during booting there 
appends a kernel panic error taht he can'f mount a root FS.....

This is a short example of my config:

kernel /test/boot/vmlinuz
append initrd=/test/boot/initrd.gz

I also tried with kernel memdisk. But there it hangs up.
But i think it can't work as i'm doing now.
As i have seen that SLAX is generated with ISOlinux, it this would help.
I also heard that there is a way over NFS.....

So i'm really glad about all help and examples that this will work fine.
And sorry again for choosing this way.

Markus Humm

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