[syslinux] How to enable F12 key to start PXE boot?

Greg_Chu at Wendys.com Greg_Chu at Wendys.com
Tue Aug 22 07:53:03 PDT 2006

I researched on Archive, but the instruction says to copy startrom.com to 

so I changed boot program to startrom.0 instead of pxelinux.0,  it gives 
me a TFTP error saying file not found. 
then I keep startrom.0, change boot program back to pxelinux.0, then I do 
not see F12 key and boot directly to PXE.
then I change the boot program to startrom.com it asked me to press F12, 
but can not boot into pxeinux.

It seemed to me that I have to configure something else to make startrom.0 
connect to pxelinux.0.

I want my end users press F12 to start the PXE boot, at other times just 
boot from hard drive.

Please help, I believe the answer is some where on the archive, but I 
could not fine it.



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