[syslinux] How to enable F12 key to start PXE boot?

Ardill, Robert (DTEI) robert.ardill at saugov.sa.gov.au
Thu Aug 24 19:18:30 PDT 2006

Post your pxelinux.cfg file so we can see what you are trying to

Below is off topic for this mailing list.

If you don't require any menu functionality or ability to load other
OS's etc, just have your DHCP issue startrom.com as the bootfile name.
There's no need for pxelinux.

RIS/WinPE/XPe includes two bootloaders. Startrom.com and startrom.n12.
The latter one doesn't prompt for F12.

Note you normally have to press F12 to make the BIOS PXE boot. You then
use the startrom.n12 so you are not prompted for F12 again.

Startrom.com is mainly for situation where the PC is set to PXE boot by
default and the user isn't required to press F12.


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Subject: [syslinux] How to enable F12 key to start PXE boot?

I researched on Archive, but the instruction says to copy startrom.com
to startrom.0,

so I changed boot program to startrom.0 instead of pxelinux.0,  it gives
me a TFTP error saying file not found. 
then I keep startrom.0, change boot program back to pxelinux.0, then I
do not see F12 key and boot directly to PXE.
then I change the boot program to startrom.com it asked me to press F12,
but can not boot into pxeinux.

It seemed to me that I have to configure something else to make
startrom.0 connect to pxelinux.0.

I want my end users press F12 to start the PXE boot, at other times just
boot from hard drive.

Please help, I believe the answer is some where on the archive, but I
could not fine it.



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