[syslinux] Time out would not boot from local drive

Ardill, Robert (DTEI) robert.ardill at saugov.sa.gov.au
Wed Aug 30 19:40:01 PDT 2006

startrom.com - loads ntdetect.com and ntdlr into memory. You can't tell
it to load pxelinux unfortunately. It waits for F12 for ~3 seconds, then
local boots if F12 is not pressed.  
Startrom.n12 is the same as above, but doesn't wait for F12, it just
immediately load ntldr/ntdetect.com

If you BIOS doesn't have the ability to show some F12 prompt, your out
of luck. Though some IBM's and Compaq/HP have a BIOS configurable Asset
tag that you could possibly put a message into.

BTW. The XPe ntldr is not the same as Win2003 sp1 ntldr. The former
doesn't support the MININT (Volitile REG) functionality. 


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Thanks a bunch, the problem is my menu.c32 and pxelinux.0 version
mismatched. It works fine now. I did not realize that dependency between

I have another question not yet answered, I tried to have F12 show up so
user can  press it to get into PXE boot and have no success.  If I
change to use MS startrom.com then F12 shows up, but how can I tell
startrom.com to continue boot from pxelinux.0 Tried some other users
ways, but none works so far. I guess all because I use MS remote boot
service.  I think startrom.com tells BIOS to prompt F12 key to continue
the PXE boot, then if no F12 key pressed then abort PXE and enter local

Do I have a way to configure pxelinux to prompt F12 before it continues?

If no F12 key then do local boot? 

Really appreciate your help.


"H. Peter Anvin" <hpa at zytor.com>
08/30/2006 04:10 PM

Greg_Chu at wendys.com
syslinux at zytor.com
Re: [syslinux] Time out would not boot from local drive

Greg_Chu at Wendys.com wrote:
> Peter,
> I checked menu.c32 in the older versions, version 3.00 works, from 
> 3.01 and forward, all does not work.
> The only bad thing in 3.00, it would not display how many seconds left

> before time out.

I just checked this, and there are NO changes to the simple menu system
between 3.00 and 3.01.  "Ontimeout" wasn't even supported in the simple
menu system until version 3.11-pre11, and the timeout counter was
introduced in 3.11-pre6.  So, I really don't believe the version numbers
you have listed above.

Please try out 3.20, and make sure that menu.c32 and pxelinux.0 match.


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