[syslinux] floppy's led doesn't turn off. Can I safely pull off the floppy media?

karl shaul shaulk at 013.net
Wed Feb 8 05:51:00 PST 2006

  syslinux 3.11 (from debian's 3.11-3 package) does it job. The machine boots as expected
with an 1.44 floppy. Yet the floppy driver's led doesn't turn off. 
1) Is this a syslinux issue?
2) Can I safely remove the boot floppy (media) without dameging it?

   From  memory:
$ cat syslinux.cfg 
say linux 2.6.14 (probably  with debian modifications)

default linux
append root=/dev/nfs ip=::::::dhcp PARAMS_FOR_THE_SOFTWARE_AFTER_BOOT="123"

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