[syslinux] floppy's led doesn't turn off. Can I safely pull off the floppy media?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Wed Feb 8 08:17:51 PST 2006

karl shaul wrote:
>   syslinux 3.11 (from debian's 3.11-3 package) does it job. The machine boots as expected
> with an 1.44 floppy. Yet the floppy driver's led doesn't turn off. 
> 1) Is this a syslinux issue?
> 2) Can I safely remove the boot floppy (media) without dameging it?

Not really, it's a BIOS issue.  It happens when the BIOS doesn't do the 
right thing with the Reset Floppy API call, and you don't load the 
floppy driver in Linux, so nothing turns off the floppy motor.

You should be able to remove the media; if you want the motor to turn 
off, you can load the floppy driver (modprobe fd) inside Linux.


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