[syslinux] menu.c32 error "Windows is bypassing your startupfiles"

Nazo nazosan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 04:20:56 PST 2006

On 2/9/06, Harald_Jensas at dell.com <Harald_Jensas at dell.com> wrote:
> Franga . wrote:
> >
> > Now i moved to my next step of trying to get Simple Menu's working. My
> > problem occurs after selecting a menu option. The image loads and
> > gives me this output:
> >
> > command line: initrd=images/c201.img BOOT_IMAGE=memdisk Disk is
> > floppy, 1440 K, C/H/S = 80/2/18 Total size needed = 1491 bytes,
> > allocating 2K Old dos memory at 0x9f000 (map says 0x9f400), loading at
> > 0x9e800
> > 1588: 0xffff  15E801: 0x3c00 0x3e66
> > INT 13 08: Success, count = 1, BPT = f000:98a9
> > old: init13 = f0008590 init15 = f000f859
> > new: init13 = 9e800008 init15 = 9e80027c Loading boot sector...
> > booting...
> > Starting Windows 98...
> >
> My guess:
> Someone, or something is pressing F5 right here. This is why
> MS-DOS/Win98 is bypassing the startup files.
> >
> > Windows is bypassing your startup files.
> >
> > Microsoft(R) Windows 98
> >   (C)Copyright Microsoft Corp 1981-1999
> >
> > A:\>
> >
> //
> Harald
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Hmm, if you hold the CTRL key it forces the menu to appear.  I'm
thinking maybe if ALT or something like that were stuck, maybe that
forces a bypass?  Well, the only alternative explanation I can think
of is that the startup files are damaged or something or maybe you
have it set to ignore them via a modified MSDOS.SYS file (when I say a
modified MSDOS.SYS file, don't panic, since Windows 95, it was changed
to just a hidden system text file with some configuration data tossed
in, so just unmark the hidden and system attributes and you can edit
in any text editor.)  That or someone actually IS hitting F5.  d-: 
That is what it means when it says bypassing, that it has been told to
do so.  In this case unintentionally, but, nonetheless, something's
telling it to do so.  I'd say particularly check that MSDOS.SYS
doesn't have some option to do this specified.  I can't remember what
would do it off the top of my head, but, it should be pretty self
explanatory and say something obvious.  Of course, also ensure
CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT are both 100% readable and in the ordinary
format.  If you work on disk images in linux or something, you need to
make sure that you get both CR and LF at the end of each line as well
since obviously these are MSDOS files, not *nix.

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