[syslinux] menu.c32 error "Windows is bypassing your startupfiles"

Franga . franga60 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 9 14:45:59 PST 2006

This only occurs when i use the menu.c32 i have 2 configuration files this 
is my standard:

DISPLAY messages/ghost
label local

label g
    KERNEL memdisk keeppxe
    APPEND initrd=images/c201.img

When i use this and hit "g" i have no problems, PXE gets the same image i 
used in the menu. Loads it, and goes into ghost. My disk image has an 
automated processs, and i know 100% it works we have imaged over 60 machines 
in the last 2 days using the configuration i give you above. the problem 
only occurs when we switch to using a menu. i can garentuee no keys are 
stuck and no user is pressing anything (there is no users here till monday). 
i have tried on multiple machines and get the same responce each time.

My Disk:
Loads everything into a RAM Drive,
Initilizes the network card,
Gets its IP from DHCP,
Mounts a share,
Runs GHOST with its correct ghost image,
Runs GHOSTWALKER to change the PC name and SID

As i said this process works 100% when i dont use the menu configuration. 
But as soon as i convert to the menu config i get the "Windows is bypassing 
startup files". I have tested the 4 seperate images that work in 4 seperate 
rooms perfectly. And as stated i can garentuee no keys are stuck and no1 is 
pressing any key at all.

any thoughts?

- Zen

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