[syslinux] menu.c32 error "Windows is bypassing your startupfiles"

Nazo nazosan at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 15:41:08 PST 2006

On 2/9/06, Franga . <franga60 at hotmail.com> wrote:
> This only occurs when i use the menu.c32 i have 2 configuration files this
> is my standard:
> DEFAULT local
> DISPLAY messages/ghost
> label local
> label g
>     KERNEL memdisk keeppxe
>     APPEND initrd=images/c201.img
> When i use this and hit "g" i have no problems, PXE gets the same image i
> used in the menu. Loads it, and goes into ghost. My disk image has an
> automated processs, and i know 100% it works we have imaged over 60 machines
> in the last 2 days using the configuration i give you above. the problem
> only occurs when we switch to using a menu. i can garentuee no keys are
> stuck and no user is pressing anything (there is no users here till monday).
> i have tried on multiple machines and get the same responce each time.
> My Disk:
> Loads everything into a RAM Drive,
> Initilizes the network card,
> Gets its IP from DHCP,
> Mounts a share,
> Runs GHOST with its correct ghost image,
> Runs GHOSTWALKER to change the PC name and SID
> Reboots.
> As i said this process works 100% when i dont use the menu configuration.
> But as soon as i convert to the menu config i get the "Windows is bypassing
> startup files". I have tested the 4 seperate images that work in 4 seperate
> rooms perfectly. And as stated i can garentuee no keys are stuck and no1 is
> pressing any key at all.
> any thoughts?
> - Zen
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Lol, just so we're clear, you're not hitting shift+g or whatever for
those shortcut keys, right?  Anyway, my suspicion is that something's
causing it to send some strange signal that maybe to dos looks like a
shift key being pressed.  Just a guess mind.  Well, I don't really
know what else could be the probelm at this point but, it occurs to me
that between your lack of time and the more professional application
of this, you may wish to seriously look into the advanced menu system
in place of the simple menu.  It may not have this same issue, but,
either way, it has a more professional look and functionality.  Just a

Anyway, I wish you good luck on getting it all figured out and running.

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