[syslinux] menu.c32 error "Windows is bypassing your startupfiles"

Murali Krishnan Ganapathy gmurali at cs.uchicago.edu
Thu Feb 9 17:14:08 PST 2006

If you have the time and some basic knowledge of C programming, you can 
do the following:

1. Write a COMBOOT program which prints the contents of the keyboard 
FLAGS, wait 5 seconds and runs the "simple menu"
2. Write a COMBOOT program which prints the contents of the keyboard 
flags (in BIOS DATA AREA), waits for 5 seconds and then boots your "g" 
image. Crucial that this code does not act on any keypress.

Boot into PXE and run program1 by hand. Note down KEYBOARD status flags 
(call this flags1).
Let it run the Simple Menu. Now choose program2 from the simple menu. 
Note down keyboard flags (flags2)
5 seconds later your Windows image should be executed. hopefully Windows 
still bypasses the startup files.

By looking at the values of flags1 and flags2 you can see if the simple 
menu caused any change in the status of shift. This can be used to check 
if the simple menu is the cause or not. I would try this only as the 
last resort and if you really want to get to the bottom of this. Writing 
the two programs should not be difficult (especially with the framework 
of the advanced menu).

- Murali

Franga . wrote:
> Nope thats right im definatly not using the shortcuts. Thanks for your 
> input i will take a look into the advanced menu system. If anyone else 
> has any suggestions it would be good as even if i get this problem 
> solved with advanced menu's it may be good to answer this for future 
> referance for anyone that may come into the same problem in the near 
> future.
> - Zen
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