[syslinux] RE: Can multiple kickstart files be added to cdrom

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Sun Feb 12 23:33:31 PST 2006

On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Omer Faruk Sen wrote:

> Is it possible to embed more than one kickstart  that will match the
> installation interface's MAC address. What I want is to use boot system
> using virtual CD (using iLO) to install multiple systems but matching
> kickstart conf file will be used with the matching MAC address.

I would look at creating special programs for syslinux (isolinux in your 
case). I'm very interested to have something like this as well. With the 
following features:

 + based on a config-file with different mac-addresses + configuration. 

	kickstart = ks-proxy.cfg
	ip-address =
	netmask =
	gateway =
	nameserver =
	interface = eth1
	boot-options = hda=noide panic=30

	kickstart = ks-dhcp.cfg
	boot-options = panic=30

 + the syslinux program would then parse this file, use the correct 
   section (based on any or all mac-addresses) and convert variables in 
   this kickstart-file by its values.

   eg. ks-proxy.cfg

	### Kickstart
	network --bootproto=static --ip=%(ip-address)s --netmask=%(netmask)s --gateway=%(gateway)s --nameserver=%(nameser)s --device=%(interface)s

 + the syslinux program should also use (add?) the boot-options to the 
   kernel command line.

This would effectively allow us to create a single ISO image that would 
work for all systems and only requires us to update the config-file in 
case we have new hardware and create new kickstart files if we have a 
different profile.

I'm currently designing a tool to do exactly this in python, but instead 
of letting the bootloader take decisions, I'm letting the http-server make 
decisions after a PXE boot and write the custom kickstart file on-the-fly.

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