[syslinux] pxelinux.0 on pSeries

Egan Ford egan at sense.net
Fri Feb 24 12:39:02 PST 2006

I have been unsuccessful getting yaboot to network boot with pSeries for
installations, if someone has done this successfully, please point me to a
URL for more information.

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> The IBM pSeries machines uses the PowerPC architechture which is not
> compatible with Intel i386 instruction set.
> You will have to port and recompile pxelinux.0 to the PowerPC
> architechture.  Another solution would be to
> not use the syslinux package but another package (yaboot?) 
> and tell your
> dhcp server that it should send
> that instead of pxelinux.0 when the pSeries machines asks for 
> a filename
> during the dhcp negotiation sequence.
> Quinn
> abuji wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am new to this list, but would greatly appreciate any help 
> on the topic.
> >
> >We are trying to automate the build/installation of a pSeries machine
> >using kickstart server. We have a process in place that completes a
> >system build of xSeries machines. It uses pxelinux.0 to direct the
> >bootp to the kernel, ramdisk and kickstart.config file. I was trying
> >to use the same process to build the pSeries machine.
> >
> >Appropriate booimage and files are placed on the kickstart file. The
> >client PXEboots succesfully from the kickstart server and grabs the
> >pxelinux.0 file. Then it stops with a message 'Unrecognized Program
> >Format" as if the architecture could not process the pxelinux.0. Does
> >that mean we have to recompile the pxelinux.0 on the pSeries (ppc)? I
> >searched the archive and found a thread on using pxelinux.0 on ppc
> >(Suse). I copied the src over, compiled and tried with that 
> pxelinux.0
> >and got the same error.
> >
> >Also, we have a note regarding option 209 in dhcpd.cnf file (in
> >syslinux FAQ) which would direct the bootp to the kickstart.cfg file.
> >Somehow the boot proccess doesn't reach that stage, as it appears to
> >hang at pxelinux.0
> >
> >It could be that my pxelinux.cfg/<file> is wrong. I am not sure. I
> >reached a dead end. Any help/directions would be greatly 
> apreciated to
> >get the pxelinux.0 to work on a pSeries.
> >
> >Thanks
> >Abraham
> >
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