[syslinux] pxelinux.0 on pSeries

Quinn plattel at tiscali.dk
Fri Feb 24 07:45:21 PST 2006

The IBM pSeries machines uses the PowerPC architechture which is not
compatible with Intel i386 instruction set.
You will have to port and recompile pxelinux.0 to the PowerPC
architechture.  Another solution would be to
not use the syslinux package but another package (yaboot?) and tell your
dhcp server that it should send
that instead of pxelinux.0 when the pSeries machines asks for a filename
during the dhcp negotiation sequence.


abuji wrote:

>I am new to this list, but would greatly appreciate any help on the topic.
>We are trying to automate the build/installation of a pSeries machine
>using kickstart server. We have a process in place that completes a
>system build of xSeries machines. It uses pxelinux.0 to direct the
>bootp to the kernel, ramdisk and kickstart.config file. I was trying
>to use the same process to build the pSeries machine.
>Appropriate booimage and files are placed on the kickstart file. The
>client PXEboots succesfully from the kickstart server and grabs the
>pxelinux.0 file. Then it stops with a message 'Unrecognized Program
>Format" as if the architecture could not process the pxelinux.0. Does
>that mean we have to recompile the pxelinux.0 on the pSeries (ppc)? I
>searched the archive and found a thread on using pxelinux.0 on ppc
>(Suse). I copied the src over, compiled and tried with that pxelinux.0
>and got the same error.
>Also, we have a note regarding option 209 in dhcpd.cnf file (in
>syslinux FAQ) which would direct the bootp to the kickstart.cfg file.
>Somehow the boot proccess doesn't reach that stage, as it appears to
>hang at pxelinux.0
>It could be that my pxelinux.cfg/<file> is wrong. I am not sure. I
>reached a dead end. Any help/directions would be greatly apreciated to
>get the pxelinux.0 to work on a pSeries.
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