[syslinux] Problems booting on Intel i9x5 motherboards.

Pat Suwalski pat at suwalski.net
Fri Jun 2 14:02:20 PDT 2006

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>>     cat.c32 "isolinux.cfg"
>>     /boot/vmlinuz vga=ask
> The double quotes are going to be considered part of the filename, so 
> you probably don't want to have those in there...

That was a typing accident. They were not there.

> Anyway, IN-teresting.  I presume you're using the latest prerelase 
> (3.20-pre9) for all this.  One thing that the file access and booting 
> both require the use of the bounce buffer, so if the kernel-loading 
> routine does something bogus when there is previous contents in the 
> bounce buffer, we could have a real problem.

This is actually 3.11, but menu.c32 from current git behaves the same, 
so I have no reason to believe anything changed.

I tracked the problem down through fgetc() to _fread() to read(), which 
is extern'ed. Removing from _fread() read and returning EOF results in 
successful boot.

Any ideas where to go from here? Is it klibc?


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